What you need to know

You’ll lose weight using BodyAction
Regular use improves posture and increases muscle mass – this speeds up your metabolic rate so more calories are used – even when you’re resting

A BodyAction workout takes 10 minutes
We recommend three sessions a week

BodyAction provides non-strenuous, low impact toning exercises
Benefits include muscle toning, fat reduction, increased muscle strength, improved flexibility, reduced appearance of cellulite, increased circulation, reduced lower back pain, enhanced pain reduction

No special clothing is necessary
Most people wear loose fitting leisure suits but anything that doesn’t restrict movement is fine

A BodyAction machine is just one metre square
It takes up no more space than a plant pot – and is far more beneficial!

A BodyAction runs off a normal power socket
No special adaptors are needed

Machines are maintenance free
Slim Images Ltd does provide a full after care service but the machines are maintenance free and very reliable

BodyAction delivery and installation is free
There are no hidden costs

The machines are easy to use
BodyAction is operated by a simple touch button control with preset programmes for the beginner