Toning Matters Winter 08 Booming Business

The results have been spectacular

WORD of mouth recommendation has seen Amanda Taylor’s business – built on Slim Images’ equipment – go from strength to strength since she opened in January 2008.

She now has a client base of men and women aged 18 to 76 all of whom are enjoying the benefits of regular BodyAction workouts.

And she’s earned herself a nickname in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, where her Bodytone Studio is based, as ‘the lady with the wobbles’.

“My studio is often referred to as ‘the wobble shop’,” said Amanda. “Vibration exercise was new when I opened and people didn’t understand how it worked, they just knew it wobbled!”

As word has spread and the pioneers who first tried the BodyAction workout have seen spectacular results -one dropping three dress sizes, Amanda’s studio, kitted out entirely with Slim Images equipment, has become a popular place.

“I have two toning tables and two BodyAction in the studio which most customers use in tandem,” said Amanda. “I have curtains to pull across for privacy or friends can choose to come to a session at the same time. “It’s the time – or lack of time – involved in a workout that appeals to most people. We all know we should do more exercise but it’s fitting it in. A BodyAction session lasts just 10 minutes and with no sweating or special workout clothes necessary there’s no excuse for not slotting it in between shopping and lunch.”

Personal service has been the key to Amanda’s success.“I don’t just give clients a list of exercises, I work with them to ensure they’re using the machines correctly,” said Amanda. “That way they see the best results which keeps them coming back for more.”

Good reason to celebrate

2009 marks a special year for Slim Images – the company is celebrating it’s coming of age.

And while basking in 21 years of history which has seen the creation of a global brand, a new fitness phenomenon and a raft of spin offs, there are promises of plenty to come.

Slim Images was founded in 1988 by Phillip Abbott who filled a gap in the exercise market manufacturing and supplying toning tables. Tanning products and the production of equipment for some of the leading companies in the beauty industry followed.

Two years ago, Slim Images launched BodyAction – offering a low impact exercise programme in just 10 minutes – to salons, gyms and nail bars.

“Thousands of managers and owners are reaping the benefits of having our equipment available for customers,” said managing director Andrew Mackey. “We have a large reach, doing business in 36 countries. We know and understand our customers so consistently provide them with not only the latest, efficient and best equipment but first class service.”

A full body workout – in just 10 minutes

JUST 10 minutes every other day with BodyAction can make a difference – just ask an astronaut.

The state-of-the-art machines offer Whole Body Vibration Exercise – pioneered by a Russian scientist and used by Russian Olympians and NASA.

Intensive research has shown a sustained benefit in muscle performance and bone strength in everyone from athletes to those with mobility issues.

“We’re proud to be able to make impressive claims on behalf of BodyAction,” said Andrew Mackey, managing director of Slim Images, the leading supplier of the machines to businesses and individuals.

“With no strain to tendons and joints, a 10 minute workout on BodyAction every other day can help reduce fat and cellulite, increase muscle strength and bone density, improve body shape and reduce lower back pain.”

The BodyAction platform vibrates around a horizontal axis. Exercise is performed with feet or hands positioned equal distance from the axis. Muscles automatically contract and relax to stabilise posture, giving a thorough work out.

Stress on muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems is minimised as are forces to the joints.

A personal demonstration and comprehensive instructions are given to every customer when BodyAction is installed.

Some salon owners provide personal sessions with clients, ensuring they are doing the exercises correctly and so enjoying the maximum benefit. Others simply have the machines available for use.

The suggested 10 minute workout has been compiled with the help of Slim Images’ UK sales manager Martyn Burgess – a former gym owner.

“To realise the potential of BodyAction, it is important to ensure clients are using it properly,” said Martyn. “The programme we have developed  gives the very best workout.

“There are a range of exercise and we are always happy to explain just which body areas each is targeting so our customers understand precisely the principles involved and can pass that on to their clients.”

How BodyAction works for you

TAKING up floor space of just one square metre, BodyAction is small enough to fit in the corner of a salon, nail bar, tanning salon or gym – the space most managers would put a plant. But while a plant demands water, BodyAction will pay for itself – many times over.

BodyAction machines come with a three year rental contract at a cost of just £5 a day. Sessions last a recommended 10 minutes and the average charged by salon owners is £4 a session.

The maths isn’t hard – a BodyAction machine only has to be used twice a day to turn in a profit.

“Having a BodyAction machine on site gives salons an edge over competitors,” said UK sales manager Martyn Burgess.

Slim Images not only provides the machines, staff install, demonstrate and service them too.

“We are a one stop shop, providing a very personal service to all our customers,” said Martyn.

And the company works hard to protect their customers too, ensuring geographic areas aren’t flooded with BodyAction machines so diluting the potential market.