Success breeds success

Fitness fads come and go but Slim Images Ltd has proved machines that deliver on their promises will always be in demand.

The company, based in Peterborough, is basking in 21 years of history which has seen the creation of a global brand, a new fitness phenomenon and a raft of spin-offs.

The company is the only UK manufacturer and supplier of toning tables and is the exclusive supplier of BodyAction to the UK and Irish markets. It also develops, manufactures and supplies an exclusive range of technologically-advanced beauty equipment.

“We’re proud to have proved the longevity of our products but also of our company,” said managing director Andrew Mackey.

“Evolution is the key. We are continually monitoring trends, developing products and recording results.

“Our 21st anniversary year has proved very successful, despite the economic situation, and we’re looking forward to continuing that into our next decade of business.”