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February 1st, 2011

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Toning Matters 2011

Leading the way

December 15th, 2010

Slim Images: Leading the way

Since becoming the first company to manufacture and supply toning tables in the UK, Slim Images has recorded a series of business firsts.
And the company has added yet another to its extensive list by becoming the first to offer fully accredited training courses for vibration exercise machines.
The business has teamed up with vibration plate trainer Carly Hayward-Surry to develop a training course for salon staff who oversee the use of Body Action machines.
The course has not only been recognised but accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists. Staff taking the course can be fully certificated and salons with trained staff receive preferential insurance rates. 

The Guild

“It’s important salons recognise the value of proper training in the use of the equipment – and it gives their customers peace of mind, knowing they are being overseen by experts,” said Carly. “The training workshop is accessible to all vibration plate operators (pivotal movement) so it’s not only Body Action customers who can benefit.”
Managing director of Slim Images Andrew Mackey said: “This is just another demonstration of us leading the way, ensuring customers receive the very highest service levels.”

Customers award Slim Images Top Marks

January 25th, 2010

Slim Images has received a ringing endorsement for its services – scoring 100 per cent in a customer satisfaction survey.

Results from the  questionnaire, sent out to all new customers in the past six months, recorded a clean sweep of positive responses to the question ‘were you satisfied with the level of service provided?’

“We were delighted to receive such outstanding results in our first ever customer survey,” said managing director of Slim Images Andrew Mackey. “Anecdotally we have always had excellent feedback but this is the first time we’ve asked for anonymous comments.”

More than 90 per cent of customers were ‘totally satisfied’ with the information they were provided with and 88 per cent gave the same response when quizzed about the handling of their initial enquiry.

“We always strive to provide our customers with not only the latest and best equipment but first class service,” said Andrew. “Customers deal with us from the first inquiry through to installation, training and maintenance of their machines. They know us, we know them and so the relationship works. The results of the survey are proof of that.”

andrew* The company has proved its commitment to best practice by achieving an ISO industry accreditation. Auditors awarded the company ISO 9001:2008 – recognising its position as a quality manufacturer and supplier.

“This is further recognition of the attention to detail and quality service people have come to expect from us,” said Andrew.

What the customers said

January 25th, 2010

“Nothing was too much trouble. I shall be recommending to all my friends.”

“The customer service from the beginning was better than two other companies approached.”

“You were the best for answering queries immediately.”

“Got to know about the equipment through a friend and it’s the best thing I have ever come across.”

“Excellent, would definitely recommend.”

“Very satisfied. Friendly and informative staff.”

“Very efficient, polite and helpful delivery and installation.”

“I was about to buy a different machine but went for yours instead. I’ve had it for two days and have been fully booked.”

Coal miners discover health benefits

January 25th, 2010

Slim Images has always credited a Russian scientist with discovering the benefits of Whole Body Vibration Exercise.

But some anecdotal evidence was passed on at a recent trade exhibition which has revealed an entirely new angle.

UK sales manager Martyn Burgess was explaining the benefits of BodyAction to a potential customer.

“This person started telling me about his dad – a coalminer,” said Martyn. “Down the mines they had wooden vibrating platforms which they put the coal on. At the end of a shift, the miners used to stand on the platforms for five minutes claiming the movement of the platform made them feel refreshed and energetic – despitea long shift underground.

“I’d never heard of this before but apparently it’s quite well known. While we haven’t been able to find any specific medical evidence for the coalminers’ quick fix, there is plenty of proof – anecdotal and medical for our BodyAction machines which, in essence, do the same job.”

Clients at a specialist care centre are the latest to benefit from the Body Action

January 25th, 2010

The brand new Forget-Me-Not Suite, at Glennfield Care Centre in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire cares for those with early onset dementia. Centre staff are keen to ensure that residents, day visitors and those staying at the centre for respite care can continue with the kind of activities they have been involved with previously.

“The average age of our clients is just 40,” said regional manager Louise Jones. “They may have received dementia diagnoses but they are still young and strong. We are keen to help them retain their fitness, mobility and lifestyle for as long as they are able. The Forget-Me-Not Suite has been specially equipped to feature a wide range of recreational facilities including an internet café and the gym which has weight machines, cycling machines, weights and a BodyAction.”

Louise was familiar with the benefits of BodyAction workouts having used a friend’s machine.

When it came to equipping the gym at the centre, part of the Excel Care group, she was keen to include a vibrating platform among the exercise equipment.

“They can be used by – and benefit – everyone,” said Louise.

“The Forget-Me-Not Suite is a special place – there are very few centres like it and we want to make sure it has the best of everything for our clients and their families to use.”

The centre was officially opened in June by John Killick, an author with a special interest in dementia. When full it will be home to around 20 clients with more visiting for respite and day care.

* Suffolk Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust was the first in the country to install a BodyAction. Patients are encouraged to exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.BodyAction is used alongside traditional gym equipment.

Technical instructor Tina Green said: “We are always looking for new ways to engage patients and build their motivation.”

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January 25th, 2010

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What you need to know

January 25th, 2010

You’ll lose weight using BodyAction
Regular use improves posture and increases muscle mass – this speeds up your metabolic rate so more calories are used – even when you’re resting

A BodyAction workout takes 10 minutes
We recommend three sessions a week

BodyAction provides non-strenuous, low impact toning exercises
Benefits include muscle toning, fat reduction, increased muscle strength, improved flexibility, reduced appearance of cellulite, increased circulation, reduced lower back pain, enhanced pain reduction

No special clothing is necessary
Most people wear loose fitting leisure suits but anything that doesn’t restrict movement is fine

A BodyAction machine is just one metre square
It takes up no more space than a plant pot – and is far more beneficial!

A BodyAction runs off a normal power socket
No special adaptors are needed

Machines are maintenance free
Slim Images Ltd does provide a full after care service but the machines are maintenance free and very reliable

BodyAction delivery and installation is free
There are no hidden costs

The machines are easy to use
BodyAction is operated by a simple touch button control with preset programmes for the beginner

Success breeds success

January 25th, 2010

Fitness fads come and go but Slim Images Ltd has proved machines that deliver on their promises will always be in demand.

The company, based in Peterborough, is basking in 21 years of history which has seen the creation of a global brand, a new fitness phenomenon and a raft of spin-offs.

The company is the only UK manufacturer and supplier of toning tables and is the exclusive supplier of BodyAction to the UK and Irish markets. It also develops, manufactures and supplies an exclusive range of technologically-advanced beauty equipment.

“We’re proud to have proved the longevity of our products but also of our company,” said managing director Andrew Mackey.

“Evolution is the key. We are continually monitoring trends, developing products and recording results.

“Our 21st anniversary year has proved very successful, despite the economic situation, and we’re looking forward to continuing that into our next decade of business.”

The numbers game

January 25th, 2010

For an outlay of just £5 a day, BodyAction can generate a valuable revenue stream in nail bars, salons, gyms and tanning salons.

Patricia Hewett, who runs Studio 7 in Banstead, Surrey, said: “Even on a quiet week BodyAction more than pays for itself.”

Businesses charge an average of £4 a session.

Working on the basis of four 10 minute sessions an hour over a seven hour day, six days a week, BodyAction could generate £672 a week.

For more examples of how BodyAction could work for you, try the Revenue Calculator on our website