How It Works

The Body Action differs from the vast majority of other vibration toning equipment (such as Power Plate & Vibrogym) as the platform moves across an axis (picture the way that a child’s see-saw would move up and down!) As the left side of the plate moves upwards, the right side of the plate moves downwards, and vice versa. Due to this advanced design of the Body Action, head shake is minimised during operation as the hips and pelvis act as the body’s natural shock absorber!

Exercise is performed with the feet / hands positioned equal distances on either side of the axis. This results in muscle contractions alternating continuously in the left and right legs / arms as the body naturally tries to balance itself. This natural reflex is known as a stretch reflex. An example of a stretch reflex is what occurs when the doctor taps us under the  knee to test our reflexes. As the muscles are stimulated via a stretch reflex, 100% of the muscle fibres are stimulated compared to an active contraction where not every muscle fibre is used.


Two exercise positions

Feet or Hands can be placed on the platform

Due to the advanced design of the Body Action platform, stress is minimised on the muscle as well as on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. This makes Body Action Vibration Exercise ideal for the overweight and for individuals who aren’t used to conventional forms of exercise.

Body Action is one of the very few vibration plates available in the world that allows the user to work muscles harder by positioning the feet further from the centre of the tilting platform. By doing so the amplitude of the movement is increased and the muscles receive a greater workout!