Can I lose weight using the Body Action?
Body Action will help to improve posture and will increase muscle density. As muscle density is increased, the basal metabolic rate is increased and so more calories are used, even whilst you rest!

Can the Body Action really deliver what it promises?
The Body Action does EVERYTHING that we claim it does.  All of our claims are backed up by clinical trials that have been carried out by third parties, with whom Slim Images have had no contact.  Slim Images have been supplying equipment to Businesses & Consumers for 21 years and have a reputation that is second to none for customer satisfaction.  This is because we supply affordable quality equipment that delivers on its promises every time!

Who is the Body Action suitable for?
Our experience has shown that there is no “stereotypical” user of the Body Action.  Male and female, younger and older, the Body Action can provide benefits being sought by the majority of people, from those people looking to tone up their bodies, to professional athletes looking to add variety to their workouts!

How easy is it to use the Body Action?
Body Action is operated by a simple touch button control.  There are preset programs for the beginner, which can be easily overridden by the simple touch of a button for those that have used the Body Action before.

Do Body Action users need to wear special clothing?
No, loose fitting leisure suits are suitable clothing for toning up on the Body Action.

Where can the Body Action be installed?
Our engineers will deliver and install, completely free of charge, into any location you require including first or second floors!  What’s more, our engineers can use their experience to advise you of the best location for your Body Action!

How often should the Body Action be used?
We advise that  the Body Action should be used three times per week, with each session lasting 10 minutes for optimum results

Does the Body Action require a specific power source?
No, Body Action can be plugged in to a normal wall socket.

Does the Body Action require any maintenance?
No, Body Action is completely maintenance free and is extremely reliable.

 Body Action Salon