Coal miners discover health benefits

Slim Images has always credited a Russian scientist with discovering the benefits of Whole Body Vibration Exercise.

But some anecdotal evidence was passed on at a recent trade exhibition which has revealed an entirely new angle.

UK sales manager Martyn Burgess was explaining the benefits of BodyAction to a potential customer.

“This person started telling me about his dad – a coalminer,” said Martyn. “Down the mines they had wooden vibrating platforms which they put the coal on. At the end of a shift, the miners used to stand on the platforms for five minutes claiming the movement of the platform made them feel refreshed and energetic – despitea long shift underground.

“I’d never heard of this before but apparently it’s quite well known. While we haven’t been able to find any specific medical evidence for the coalminers’ quick fix, there is plenty of proof – anecdotal and medical for our BodyAction machines which, in essence, do the same job.”