Clients at a specialist care centre are the latest to benefit from the Body Action

The brand new Forget-Me-Not Suite, at Glennfield Care Centre in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire cares for those with early onset dementia. Centre staff are keen to ensure that residents, day visitors and those staying at the centre for respite care can continue with the kind of activities they have been involved with previously.

“The average age of our clients is just 40,” said regional manager Louise Jones. “They may have received dementia diagnoses but they are still young and strong. We are keen to help them retain their fitness, mobility and lifestyle for as long as they are able. The Forget-Me-Not Suite has been specially equipped to feature a wide range of recreational facilities including an internet café and the gym which has weight machines, cycling machines, weights and a BodyAction.”

Louise was familiar with the benefits of BodyAction workouts having used a friend’s machine.

When it came to equipping the gym at the centre, part of the Excel Care group, she was keen to include a vibrating platform among the exercise equipment.

“They can be used by – and benefit – everyone,” said Louise.

“The Forget-Me-Not Suite is a special place – there are very few centres like it and we want to make sure it has the best of everything for our clients and their families to use.”

The centre was officially opened in June by John Killick, an author with a special interest in dementia. When full it will be home to around 20 clients with more visiting for respite and day care.

* Suffolk Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust was the first in the country to install a BodyAction. Patients are encouraged to exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.BodyAction is used alongside traditional gym equipment.

Technical instructor Tina Green said: “We are always looking for new ways to engage patients and build their motivation.”